Pricing Structure


Standard research rate of £20 per hour for individually-tailored research + costs (these will include purchase of certificates etc.)

Set prices for gift packages (inclusive of costs)

All packages include extra costs. You will only pay the price of the package; this includes postage.

For individually-tailored research, we charge for research time plus extra costs.

Extra Costs Include The Following:-

GRO Certificates (Birth, Marriage and Death, 1837 onwards of your ancestors or others in your family tree) currently charged by the GRO at £9.25 each.

Post-1858 English & Welsh Wills, Grants of Probate and Administrations = £10

Printing or photocopying of documents in archives etc. individually priced by archive or library used.

Entry fees where applicable to some genealogy or other archives.

Postage = standard Royal Mail rates

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