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Shown below is an example of a parish register, which for the layperson can be very difficult to understand.


Before Transcription .

After my transcription


Maud yei daughter of James Wm Jon: bapt[ised} Jan[uary]: 13th

Margaret ye daughter of Jon James Prichard bapt[ised] feb[uary] : 7th

Rice ye Son of Thomas Powell David, bapt[ised], feb[uary]: 10th.

Margaret ye daughter of Charles Sisrill a

stranger bapt[ised], february, 17th .


Burialls in the yeare



Wm John david Griffith buried May, 7th.

Alice Willi[a]ms ye wife of Jeva[n] Taylor : buried June 17th

Margarett ye daughter of Wm dd Morga[n] buried Aug[ust]: 1st

Margarett ye daughter of Thomas Watkin Lewis buried Sept[ember] 16th

Johane wms ye wife of Jon : Morga[n] Jon: Tho : bur[ied]: Octob[er]: 3d .

Anne ye daughter of Maurice Hughes of Bergeven[n]y bur [ied]:Octob[er]: 16th .

Owen ap Prichard buried, Octob[ober]: 26th

Jane wms Spinster buried Novemb[er]: 22th.

Lewis ye son of Wm Jon : Howell ap Jeva[n] bur[ied]: dec[ember] 23th.

Rebena ye daughter of Germa wms bur[ied]: dec[ember], 28th .

Jevan watkin buried february ye last

Pme Thoma Edmunds Cler [ic],Viccar ibimii

Richard Edmunds and gard[ians]

Roger Johnes


Matrimonies Solempnized in the yeare



Matrimony Solempnized betweene Jon :William

of Lantillio P[er]tholey, and Elizabeth Thomas of

Langattoc=juxta Uske June ,2d.

Matrimony Solempmized betweene David Probert

and Elizabeth Edwards June, 29th.

Matrimony Solempnized betweene Wm Prosser

Vichan of Talgarth and Margaret Nicholas of

Lantilliop[er]tholey July, 14th.


Baptis [i]mes in the yeare



John ye son of Wm : Jon : Lewis bapt[ised] Aprill, 13th .

Catherine ye daughter of Jeba[n] Jo,n of Lanelen bapt[ised] May 29th

John ye Son of Lewis Morgan bapt[ised]. July, 7th

Second Column


Anne ye daughter of Jon :Thomas Lewis bapt[ised] :August .13th.

Luce ye daughter of Edward Jon :Price bapt[ised] :Sept :15th.

Sybbill ye daughter of Wm Griffith bapt[ised]: October, 12th.

David ye son of Wm : Jon: Howell ap Jeva[n] bapt[ised] Novemb[er]: 3d.

Anne ye daughter of Morgan Jon: dd bapt[ised] :Dec[e]mb[er] : 8th.

Jenett ye daughter of Jon :Sanders bapt[ised], Dec[ember]: 21th.

Walter ye son of Tho: Watkin ap Jeva[n] bapt[ised] :Jan[uary]: 17th.

Anne ye daughter of Tho: Watkin Lewis bapt[ised]: Jan[uary]: 17th.

Alice ye daughter of Wm Powell Morgan, bapt[ised] : Jan[uary] :24th

Elizabeth ye daughter of Rosser Jenkin bapt[ised] :Feb[ruary] :2d.

Thomas ye son of David Lewis Abraham Jon : Wm, Feb[ruary] 9th 4th .

John Ye Son of David Lewis, Feb: 9th.

Sybbill ye daughter of dd Wm Howell, bapt[ised]: March 7th

Morgan ye son of David Jon : David bapt[ised] :March: 15th .


Burialls in the yeare



Alice David ye wife of Morgan Wm Thomas buried March: 28th

John ap Jeva[n] david Meyicke buried Aprill, 4th.

Maude ye daughter of James Wms buried Aprill, 9th.

Howell Morice buried April, 27th.

Alice Howell ye wife of Tho: Lloyd of Bergeven[n]y bur: Octob[er] 22nd

Anne ye daughter of Jon : Tho: Lewis buried Octob[er] 29th

John ye son of Nicholas Prichard buried, Novemb[er]: 15th

Margarett Nicholas ye wife of Wm Prosser Vicha bur Noveb[er]: 17th

Anne ye wife of David Powell Gwyllym buried Novemb[er]:25th.

Elizabeth Howell ye wife of Lewis Morgan buried Dec[ember]:1st.

Alice ye daughter of Wm Jon :Howell buried Decemb[er]:3d.

Lewis Gwenthor buried December, 5th.

Catherine Rosser buried, January ,1st.

Jevan ye son of Roger Jevans buried January: 8th.

Thomas Powell buried, February, 3d.

John ab Jevan John buried, February , 11th,

Jane ye Daughter of Roger Willims, buried March : 15th

William Jon: Howell ap Jeva[n] buried March: 21th.

Pme Thoman Edmunds Cler vicar ibim

John Thomas Lewis & gard ibim

William Watkin

i Ye commonly the and may be read as such throughout the document.

ii Ibim possibly ibid. latin abbreviation of ibidem meaning of the same place.